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Create NFTs with our pixel art drawing tool and sell them on Nifty Pixels.

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How It Works


Draw art with our 32‑bit pixel editor


Mint your art as an NFT


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Nifty Pixels runs on Polygon

Most popular NFT platforms use the Ethereum blockchain, which consumes enormous amounts of energy and has incredibly expensive gas fees. Nifty Pixels uses the Polygon blockchain instead, lowering our environmental impact and helping creators keep more of what they earn.
Better for the environment
Polygon uses just 0.002% of the energy used by other blockchains like Ethereum. Creating an NFT on Nifty Pixels is comparable to watching 20 minutes of YouTube.
Better for creators
Polygon's gas fees are an order of magnitude lower than gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that creators don't need to spend tons of money just to mint their artwork.

Nifty Pixels uses Arweave

You may have heard stories of disappearing NFTs. That will never happen with Nifty Pixels—we store NFT metadata on Arweave, which means
the metadata can never be deleted or changed
. If you buy a Nifty Pixels NFT, that NFT's image, description, and name will stick around forever!

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